Mashable Names 75 Drool-Worthy Instagram Accounts

Our own Caroline on Crack makes the list! Plus four other L.A. favorites.

Yesterday, Mashable listed 75 instagram accounts run by food lovers with a good eye for photographic detail. If you’re looking for food porn, look no further. Among those who made the cut are five of our favorites in L.A. Before you scroll down, though a shameless plug: Follow L.A. Mag Food on instagram too!

Our own Caroline on Crack made the cut! In addition to snapshots of cocktails around town (and the country), CoC takes some seriously lick-worthy photos of food too.


Darin Dines is a blog devoted to dining out, but Darin takes some of the best food photographs in town. His instagram feed is also a bellweather for food trends as they happen in L.A.


Nastassia Johnson of Let Me Eat Cake loves donuts. In fact, you could say her love borders on obsession. But as followers of her sweets-forward instagram feed, we’re not complaining.


L.A. based photographer Rick Poon doesn’t photograph food exclusively, but when his feed features a photo of food or beverage, it doesn’t just look delicious—it has soul.


Reem Rizvi is another L.A. based photographer worth following. Her food photos have a dreamy, far away quality that will make you want to dive right into the scene.