Market Report: NYC Edition


New Yorkers get all high and mighty over a lot of things—including their farmer’s markets. Oh, I’m sorry, “Greenmarket”—as if our daily gathering of food purveyors was some black force of pollution and greed. Anyway, I headed to the Union Square market last Wednesday for what’s supposed to be that city’s biggest and best. I was, to say the least, underwhelmed. There are a lot of things about NYC of which we can be envious: the subway, the park, the concentration of great restaurants, er, the subway. But we should all feel very proud to boast what I think is the country’s best Farmer’s Market right here in Santa Monica. Three times a week, at that. Take that S.J.P.

Of course, being that it’s the east coast, there are some regional goodies that we just don’t get here in L.A. I snapped pics of some of them. See below:

1) Vermont Maple Syrup…mmmmmm.
2) These New York strawberries were tiny and super sweet.
3) OK, Himalayan rock salt isn’t exactly regional, but I haven’t seen it at our market. Have you?
4) There were lots of great local and Midwest cheeses represented. These are big ol’ wheels of Caciotta made with cow and sheep’s milk.
5) Check out the size of these button mushrooms. (BTW, that’s a grown man’s hand.)
6) New Yorkers at the market. It was far from packed—but it was also 98 degrees.