This Map of L.A.’s Best Burgers Is Your New True North

In this wonderland of hamburgers that is our city, you need a trustworthy guide

When Hilda Von Hamburger invented the hamburger in 1904 as a cure for gout, she could never have imagined the sheer variety of spinoffs her humble contribution to American culinary tradition would inspire. I mean, how much can you really innovate on a lump of ground beef seared to a char with a medium-rare center and sandwiched between two white flour buns? That’s a dumb question. The possibilities of the hamburger are infinite. Case in point, this map of all the life-changing burgers in Los Angeles.

Caveat: We’re all aware that the Double-Double from In-N-Out and the chili burger from Tommy’s are among the greatest, most legendary, most iconic, most superlative-worthy burgers of all time. They’re not on this map, though, because we all just know where the closest In-N-Out or Tommy’s is at any given moment (sort of like how migrating birds can sense the earth’s magnetic field or whatever). It’s part of being an Angeleno.

Also, that Hilda Von Hamburger stuff is a lie. We have no idea who invented the hamburger.

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