Maggie Gyllenhaal Chows Down


See, celebrities are just like us: they eat food! (Well, most of  ’em—we’re looking at you Demi.) For this month’s “L.A. Story” we chatted with Maggie Gyllenhaal who, it turns out, loves food! She couldn’t shut up about it, actually. She gets nostalgic over Angeli Caffe—“I remember eating there a lot when we were kids”—relishes getting wined and dined at Girogio Baldi—“I took [costar] Emma Thompson there, and this group of gorgeous Italian men … kept opening $500 bottles of wine and sending glasses to our table”—and insists L.A.’s farmer’s markets are tha bomb:
“They’re so different from the ones in New York. There are 15 kinds of oranges, for instance, and the avocados are like no avocado you’ve ever had before. Sometimes in New York I’ll eat a piece of fruit and think, “This is not the way a tangerine is supposed to taste. This is not what an artichoke tastes like.”     

Represent! We knew we liked her for a reason. Read the rest of Maggie’s delicious “L.A. Story” here.