Mad Men Hangover


I wasn’t able to throw my annual retro holiday cocktail party this year (complete with Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree). I only mention this in hopes of explaining the somewhat ridiculous spread (pictured) that occurred at my house last night to celebrate the Mad Men premier. Let’s just say I had some domestic demons that needed exorcising.

 The ’60s grub:

 -Swiss fondue with broccoli, potatoes, cornichons, bread, and Vienna sausages

-Shrimp cocktail

-American cheese and ham roll-ups with either a green olive or cherry tomato on top

-Cheese straws

-Giant cheese ball with Ritz crackers

-Crudité with blue cheese dip

-Cherry Jell-O mold with maraschino cherries

-Pineapple fruit tree (aka, the dessert version of the Astro-Weenie)

-Lemon coconut bars

 Needless to say, there were also a few fancy cocktails involved. Manhattans, mostly, and plenty of bubbly. I’d like to think Betty would have approved (Draper and Crocker).