This WeHo Café Prints Your Photos On Latte Foam

Because a latte with Ryan’s face on it just tastes better

We are entering an era in which machines are replacing humans in the workplace. It may be a while before baristas are completely robotic, but a new coffee technology is beginning to unburden them of one of their duties. Man-made latte art is impressive, but nothing compares to the photo-like images created by Carrera Cafe’s latte foam printer.

Hey, Girl. This one’s foam me to you.

Photos by Steffi Victorioso

West Hollywood’s Carrera Café (8251 Melrose Ave.) serves as the neighborhood café and bodega–a bodega that is stocked with super-healthy artisanal groceries and snacks. Besides coffee and tea, its menu includes some delicious sandwiches (we recommend the egg sandwich), salads, and desserts. But the best thing at Carrera is its Ripple Maker. The Ripple Maker is a machine that prints any image on the foam layer of any coffee or tea beverage, putting foam hearts and leaves to shame.

Foam Hollywood sign

Photo by Steffi Victorioso

To print yours: Download the Coffee Ripple app, choose the photo you want on your latte from your own photo library or theirs, “ripple” it, and then show the Carrera barista the ripple number that the app gives you. Almost any image – an inspiring quote, your face, someone else’s face – can be rippled.

Wait. What? Who put that there? YOU GUYS.

Photo by Steffi Victorioso

Buttermilk Belgian waffle bars. You can’t print anything on them. We just want you to know they exist.

Photo by Steffi Victorioso

Carrera also has its own Instagrammable façade, which would look great in a latte selfie. If that weren’t enough, it’s located directly across from a social media icon: the Paul Smith pink wall.

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