Chef Ria Barbosa’s Lumpia-Inspired Sausage Roll Is So, So Good

She’s making a Filipino take on an Aussie classic at Paramount Coffee Project

When Ria Barbosa, chef at Paramount Coffee Project’s new ROW DTLA outpost, was tasked with creating a menu for the Aussie-owned café, she knew she wanted to feature one of Australia’s most beloved comfort foods: the sausage roll.


She went as far as to have the shop’s general manager prepare a batch like he remembered from Sydney. “I asked a lot of questions,” says Barbosa, who previously cooked at brunch destinations like Forage, Go Get Em Tiger, and Sqirl. “I wanted to get into the sausage roll mind-set.”

Her take? Puff pastry wrapped around a juicy pork sausage inspired by the beloved Filipino appetizer from her childhood: lumpia. Rather than crispy egg roll wrappers (a lumpia standard), she swaps in a flaky sheet of butter-laminated dough. To make the filling, she mixes ground pork with grated onion, carrot, and garlic, using an egg as a binder. “It’s a super-traditional recipe,” she says. “We had lumpia at every family party growing up.”

She replaces ketchup, the prototypical sausage roll condiment, with a small saucer of sweet chili sauce for dipping, and offers a mixed herb salad composed of whatever arrives from the market that day. The dish works so well you’d be forgiven for thinking Barbosa has been making it for years instead of months.

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