Ludobites 8 Goest Westside


It’s a special day when the big news in L.A. restaurants involves a top chef cooking on the (gasp!) Westside. But with a new year, comes an all new Ludobites popping up for the first time West of the 405, at Josiah Citrin’s Lemon Moon. Now word on chef Ludo Lefebvre’s menu yet, but his wife Krissy promises he’ll know by the time the doors open on January 18. A few more changes this go-round:

Reservations: After crashing just about every other reservation system, LudoBites is trying its hand with Urbanspoon. Reservations will be given through a 24-hour lottery type system starting at 11 a.m. PST on January 11 and running through 10:59 a.m. PST on January 12. Reservations will then be randomly assigned. Our take? We like the idea it may not crash, but we don’t love the fact we can’t pick our date and time. We suspect a huge underground reservation trading market popping up on January 13.

Dates: They’re sort of all over the place in little spurts, so here’s the gist:
Jan. 18-20
Jan. 23-27
Jan 30-31 & Feb. 1-3
Feb. 6-10
Feb. 13-15 & 17
Feb. 20-22

Wine: They have it! Five reds and five whites will be available by the bottle, one wine and one red by carafe will be offered. But no glass pours. That seems reasonable. Corkage, however, will be $18 a bottle.

We’ll see you here bright and early on January 11!

Lemon Moon
12200 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90064