Mankind Does Not Deserve This Cocktail Made with Lucky Charms

Get it at Nighthawk Breakfast Bar

The hierarchy of elements that go into a bowl of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal is as follows:

  1. The marshmallows
  2. The milk
  3. The cat food-like cereal bits that honestly you should probably just skip if you have any shred of self-respect.

The after-milk is the prized part of the whole Lucky Charms experience. It’s infused with that sort of vaguely bubble gum flavor of the faux marshmallow pellets, without their chalky, wet paper-like texture. Sure, the resulting color is something akin to muddy dishwater, but the taste is the pure, distilled essence of Saturday morning cartoons, bedhead, and pre-adolescent tooth decay.

Venice’s Nighthawk Breakfast Bar—known for other cereal-based concoctions including a drink made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk—is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a cocktail it’s calling the Lucky Charmer. The mint green-colored cocktail features milk that’s been “infused” with Lucky Charms overnight, as well as Midori, a wee bit of Jameson Irish Whisky, and a few cereal marshmallow floaters for garnish. We haven’t tried it. Heck, it’s not even available until tomorrow. But we can only assume that it’s magically delicious—and, you know, intoxicating.