LocoL Turns One-Month-Old, Debuts Breakfast on Monday

Roy Choi also took to Twitter to discuss expansion plans

Light up the (belated) birthday candles and start singing—LocoL celebrated its one-month anniversary yesterday. Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s quick-serve restaurant in Watts, which serves healthy but still crave-able food in a communal space that draws inspiration from street art and also has free wi-fi, has been sporting a line that wraps around the corner of the building pretty much since it opened its doors. That line is about to start forming a little bit earlier: Per a tweet from the restaurant, LocoL starts breakfast service on Monday.

The morning menu is based around four different sandwich options listed under the menu header “Egg in the Hole.” Theres an egg and cheese sandwich; machaca and cheese; carnitas, egg, and cheese; and an egg bean and cheese, all priced for $4. On top of that, there’s the $2 French Toast Holes—a sweet throwback to the school cafeteria special French toast sticks AKA syrup dunkers—yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, and a green juice.

That’s not the only news from the LocoL front: Roy Choi took to Twitter to discuss expansion plans. We’ve known for a while that a Tenderloin location is in the works, as well as another location in the Watts area, but it looks like Papi Chulo wants to plant restaurants outside of Cali sooner rather than later.