This Local Cookie Company Lets You Eat Your Favorite Celebrities

We’ll take one of everything, please

Wacky food is super on trend these days, from unicorn dim sum to sushi donuts to goth ice cream to a truly disgusting croissant. Which is why we can get behind a bakery that is basic (in the non-snarky-internet-vernacular version of the word).

Jessica Vargas is all about exalting the humble sugar cookie and helping it live its best life. It is her calling, and it is what she does as the owner of L.A.’s Little Sparks Cookies. Vargas transforms her desserts into tiny, delicious works of art with meticulous and, frankly, totally bonkers frosting techniques. The result is batch after batch of cut-out cookies, which Vargas often makes in the likeness of celebrities (Drake, say, or maybe Donald Glover, or Princess Anna, or Kevin from the Office, or MO’EFFIN PUSHEEN).

Vargas grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where she worked in a bakery before moving out to L.A. for school. Between cramming for tests, she’d bake for friends and family; not long after, she saw a business opportunity. And so Little Sparks was born.

Vargas’ more intricate creations can sometimes take up to ten minutes to frost—multiply that by 350 cookies for a large order, and girl has her work cut out for her. (See what we did there?) Celeb cookies are a huge part of her output, but she does some pretty stellar novelty cookies, too, from Super Mario characters to cans of Coors Light to the iconic wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel to some freaking cute Clueless cookies.

Right now Little Sparks is only available in Los Angeles, which works well in most everyone reading this story’s favor. Place an order through Vargas’s site, specify the theme of your dreams (Backstreet Boys, obviously), and be the most popular person at your next party.

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