Living Large-Format: B.S. Taqueria Starts Dinner Service

Ray Garcia adds daily Plus Size specials like shrimp fideos and birria at his new Downtown restaurant

Chef Ray Garcia’s new B.S. Taqueria has started dinner service this week, and it’s going big. In addition to the taco menu, including chorizo-and-potato, clams-and-lardo, and bologna options, and the snacks and sides that are available at lunch, Garcia has created rotating “Plus Size” specials that change daily.

This means family-style servings of shrimp fideos on Wednesdays, pata verde, a crackling pork shank smothered in green sauce, on Thursdays, and birria on Saturdays. You can see the entire list of specials here.

B.S. Taqueria serves dinner from 5:30 p.m to 11 p.m. seven days a week.

redarrow B.S. Taqueria, 514 W. Seventh St., Downtown, 213-622-3744.