This Might Be the Most Inventive Breakfast Burrito in L.A.

Brunch may never be the same

Brunch menus can be tricky. For every chef who aspires to put a creative stamp on the leisurely midmorning meal, there are plenty of stubborn customers who’d rather the kitchen “play the hits”: eggs Benedict, waffles, hash browns, etcetera.

But what if those two goals weren’t mutually exclusive? At Mar Vista’s Little Fatty, a homey Taiwanese American diner serving beef noodle soup and walnut shrimp, chef-owner David Kuo knew he wanted his newly launched weekend brunch to stand out.

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So, true to the restaurant’s Chinese roots, he included dim sum favorites like har gow and shumai dumplings on the menu, along with congee, a soothing rice porridge, topped with dried pork floss and a preserved egg. But in a wink to a SoCal staple, Kuo also pulls off a nifty Chinese-inspired take on the breakfast burrito. Tater tots coated in a mixture of Sichuan peppercorn, cumin, and coriander provide a crunchy foundation for the soft-cooked omelet.

Studded with chives, it’s wrapped around bean sprouts tossed with hoisin sauce, pickled mustard greens, and sweet house-made Chinese sausage. Somehow the two-fisted beast is bound in a toasted flour tortilla, with chile sambal and sour cream for dipping.

“I figured everybody loves a breakfast burrito,” says Kuo. “We just wanted to make our version.”

Little Fatty, 3809 Grand View Blvd., Mar Vista

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