Like a Virgin: L.A.’s Many Mocktails

Teetotaling? Raise a glass anyway to modern mixology’s most delicious takes on the mocktail

Green Goddess at A.O.C.
Christiaan Rollich’s salad-in-a-glass comes in a vodka version but tastes just as fresh with chamomile tea, basil, arugula, jalapeño, cucumber, and lime.

Cinnabark Swizzle at 1886
The building that houses 1886 stood proud during Prohibition, when folks swilled fancy drinks minus the hard stuff. Today Brady Weise shakes up cinnamon syrup with pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry juices.

Asian Paradise at Paiche
At the Peruvian restaurant Paiche, the bar forgoes pisco to exploit the juicing trend. A gingery bite keeps kale, Asian pear, and green apple extracts from going down too easy.

Pale Pitanga at Cliff’s Edge
On Wednesdays Matt Biancaniello moonlights at Cliff’s Edge, where he concocts potables inspired by the farmers’ market. Our favorite stars Surinam cherries, curry leaves, and lavender water.