“Life After Top Chef” Comes to Bravo


Because you literally cannot have enough Top Chef spinoffs, a new TV special is in production for October called “Life After Top Chef,” which highlights the post-show career trajectory of Top Chef contestants.

From Bravo:

“The show follows Richard Blais in Atlanta, Jen Carroll in Philadelphia, Spike Mendelsohn in D.C., and Fabio Viviani in Los Angeles as they reach milestones in both their personal lives and culinary careers, from opening their own restaurants to expanding franchises and establishing themselves as culinary leaders in the food world.”

We get why they chose Fabio: the chef behind North Hollywood’s Osteria Firenze is the spicy Italian meatball of TV friendliness that keeps on giving. But the network could have dedicated an entire show to the multitude of L.A.-based Top Chef alums, including Ilan Hall, Michael Voltaggio, Antonia Lofaso, and Marcel Vigneron.

Bravo teases that “Fabio is going non-stop with global food festivals, charity events, a web show, and multiple partnerships” and claims that all “this unwavering ambition starts to take a toll on him, both physically and emotionally.” Mio dio!

Find out if reality TV pseudo-fame takes its toll on Fabio when the show airs Wednesday, October 3 at 10:30 p.m.