Life After Foie Gras

Following the fatty duck liver ban, here’s how L.A. chefs are moving on

Joining the Pit Crew
“In the summer I was working a lot with Reed avocados from J.J.’s Lone Daughter Ranch, which I love for their exquisite texture and richness. All in all, cooking is still exciting.” —Josiah Citrin, Mélisse

Playing the Organs
“Nothing will replace foie gras—it’s like losing your all-star—but we have heart and tongue on the menu more often now. They have a decadent quality and are more challenging to cook.” —Vinny Dotolo, Animal

Calling All Animals
“Since the ban, I haven’t really looked back. Now when I am looking for that unctuous liver taste, I tend to favor chicken, rabbit, lamb, and calf’s
livers.” —Vic Casanova, Gusto

Buttering Up
“I like to use regular duck liver from Liberty Ducks in Sonoma, and then I add some butter to increase the fat content. It’s the closest thing to foie gras
I can create.” —Walter Manzke, République


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