L’Assiette Now Serving Steak Frites and More ‘Til Midnight

Forget Denny’s. The West Hollywood brasserie introduces a late-night menu
L'Assiette_Steak Frites

Photo Courtesy of L'Assiette

Remember when eating after 9 o’clock in L.A. meant your were sliding into a booth at Denny’s? It’s different now. You can get gourmet burgers, fresh-baked pizza, and noodles galore into the wee hours of the night. And, as of this month, if you want a French fix, you can head over to L’Assiette in West Hollywood for the brasserie’s new late-night menu, served until midnight all week long.

Taking a cue from la vie Parisienne, which affords plenty of leisurely and delicious options long after dark, L’Assiette’s new menu offers demi (translation: half) portions of their popular Steak Frites, so instead of the usual two courses, it’s all served at once. The traditional dish—which is attempted all over the city, but very rarely perfected as it is here—has amassed a fan base thanks to tender meat cooked sous-vide and crispy, golden fries that sop up that savory sauce with aplomb. Fish and marinated Portobello mushroom versions of the plate are also available, so non-meat eaters aren’t left out of the equation.

The new menu also includes poutine with steak and roasted goat cheese, plus, sorrel soup, a meaty sandwich and cheese sold by the ounce. Feel free to top it all off with some dessert wine before you step back into the darkness, you night owl, you.

L’Assiette, 7166 Melrose Avenue; 323-274-2319