Lasagna Verde

Meat, cheese, pasta, repeat—chef Gino Angelini reveals the main ingredients of Angelini Osteria’s layered delight

Photograph by Jessica Boone

Angelini’s family would make this lasagna only for special occasions. “My grandmother would cook the ragù for a whole day. I simmer mine for just a few hours.”

This salty cheese doesn’t melt quite like mozzarella, but it delivers tons of flavor. Why use it? “I’m from Emilia-Romagna. That’s the cheese!”

The thick white base made with milk, butter, flour, nutmeg, and salt provides the dish’s creaminess. “We don’t mix the béchamel together with the sauce—they’re separate.”

Green pasta is traditional in Angelini’s region of Italy.  “I use a spinach puree, but my mother used to go out and find wild herbs.”

Crispy, deep-fried leaves strewn over the top are an elegant touch.