L.A.’s Three Most Ridiculous Sushi-Inspired Dishes

It’s not always pretty when sushi goes rogue.

Sometimes a little exploitation allows great ideas to reach their potential. Bacon-infused whisky comes to mind. Or the GIF. On the other hand, sometimes over-exposure leads to ridiculousness. Take sushi, for instance. These er, creative takes on a classic prove that sushi just can’t get any better. 

The Sushi Burger: 26 Beach, a restaurant on Washington somewhere between Venice and Culver City, has over two dozen burgers on the menu. There’s a whole section devoted to The Sushi Burger. The most popular one, Chef Katsu’s Original California Roll Sushi Burger, combines a beef patty with: Snow crab salad, avocado, pickled ginger, mixed baby greens, tomato, nori, and wasabi-shoyu-mayonnaise. Written next to the description: “Not on any other menu in the world.” One wonders why.

The Sushi Pizza: Chef Kerry Simon, of L.A. Market by Kerry Simon has great ideas. But could his sushi pizza be an idea taken too far? Has anyone ever had that much trouble deciding between sushi and pizza? The dish starts with a crispy pizza crust. It’s then topped with cucumber, celery leaves, fresh crab, raw sashimi-grade tuna and creamy avocado. People seem to love it. We don’t like to judge, but we’re judging.

The Sushi Burrito: Jogasaki Burrito is a truck that sells all kinds of sushi rip-offs. The signature sushi burrito is actually quite good, we have to admit. It’s the Spicy Tuna Nachos that give us pause. Upon a bed of Doritos chips find spicy tuna, avocado chunks and eel sauce. Frankly, it smells more like a hangover than a hangover cure.

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