L.A.’s New Spring Cocktails

It may be a frigid 50-degrees outside, but spring has sprung at L.A.’s cocktail bars. Shakers and stirrers across the city are debuting their new printemps concoctions this week. In most cases that means more gin, less scotch. All of them make us wish it were happy hour.
Red O’s mixologist Steve Calabro has just released his seasonal sips like the pomegranate and serrano margarita, the Red O lemonade, and a gin martini with plum bitters, and agave. CAÑA RUM BAR’s springtime offerings skew tiki, with seasonal variations on the classics, house-originals, Zombie remixes, and punch service. Starting next week, Dave Whitton of Villains Tavern will be serving up a new gaggle of refreshing, springy libations in mason jars. Hemingways is pouring drinks like the Spring Rain, with sake, Akvinta vodka, pineapple and lime juices, and the Hunting Party, with scotch, Hum hibiscus liqueur, and Luxardo (ok, this one sounds more January than April). And get ready for a full cocktail overhaul at Rosa Mexicano, where Alex Day and David Kaplan of Proprietors LLC are focusing on mescal and tequila mixed with fresh fruit, and riffs on our favorite—the michelada.