LAMILL Debuts Retail Shop L. Bazaar


Just when you think Silver Lake couldn’t get any hipper… First comes L&E Oyster Bar, and now its across-the-street neighbor shares some expansion news. LAMILL coffee boutique announced today that it’s celebrating four years in the neighborhood by opening what owners Craig and Jean Shim-Min are calling an eclectic gourmet general store. Now open, L. Bazaar is located directly next door to the café (where they had been selling super luxe coffee accessories) and carries coffee and teas as well as grab-n-go foodstuffs like crackers, cheese, honeys, vinegars, and oils. (They hope to beef-up the edibles even more in the near future.) For Valentine’s Day they’ve stocked up on fancy Fauchon chocolates and other sweets. Much of the store is dedicated to gifty beauty and home décor  goodies including Mason Pearson hairbrushes; Roost home goods; flatware and china from French designer Guy Degrenne; Mor beauty products and scented candles; stationary and paper goods from stationers such as Cavallini & Co., Knock Knock and Girl of All Work; Kid-O Toys, and Caldrea aromatherapy oils and scents. The product lines will change with the seasons and for now, the store is open seven days a week. Happy shopping!