La Cruda Report: Dustin Hoffman Takes Tequila to the Oscars (No, Not Tila.)

But, with all due respect, may we recommend this upgrade from Patrón?

The “La Cruda Report” covers all things distilled and fermented south of the border from Tijuana to Cape Horn. Grab a seat at the cantinas, bodegones, botecos, cigarerias, bares, or bodegas, and get yourself a drink—salud!

Now that all the Oscars have been awarded, and the red carpet arbiters of taste have dissected every fashion misstep, I’d like to give a shout-out to 75-year-old veteran character actor and two-time Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman, who recently told Bon Appétit that he has a pre-Oscars ritual: he knocks back a few shots of Patrón in the limo on his way to the ceremony and later finishes out the night with a double-double animal style from In-N-Out Burger. What can I say? The man has style.

It was sometime in the late 90s when I saw Dustin Hoffman at the 80s Mexican-American style casual restaurant, Tlapazola Grill—he was with his family and was enjoying several shots of tequila. I’ve always enjoyed his zany, witty interviews before and after the Oscars, but never knew it was tequila that loosened up one of America’s greatest living actors. Could we call this tequila method acting? If so, when do I get my SAG card?  

Well Mr. Hoffman, now that you’ve already ditched the cheesy after parties and distilled Hollywood’s biggest night into an admirable routine, why not up your tequila game?

The original Patrón was produced at the Siete Leguas distillery up until 2002, when Awapuhi shampoo mogul John Paul Jones DeJoria (of Paul Mitchell Products) set up his own distillery down the road and took the Patrón name.

Patrón’s newer formula is a big seller, but is an unpleasant drink in my opinion—no better than Cuervo’s 1800, or Sauza’s Hornitos.

Friends don’t let friends drink Patron, Mr. Hoffman. Let me offer you a taste of the original: 7 Leguas tequila añejo. Añejo: because it’s a night to splurge on a more expensive bottle. 7 Leguas añejo retains a strong presence of agave, natural wood, mild spice, and a clean mineral nose. There are no added flavors—it’s 100% agave—and it’s the original Patrón, which is worthy of an encore.

Siete Leguas Añejo tequila, available at K&L Wine Merchants ($45)