L.A. State of Mind: The Jay Z and Beyonce Restaurant Guide

Jay and Bey are reportedly moving to L.A., so don’t be surprised to see them eating and partying at these spots

The Staples Center felt a lot like Brooklyn a couple weeks ago when Jay Z and Beyonce sat courtside during the Nets-Clippers game. It didn’t matter that Floyd Mayweather, Matt Kemp, and Josh Altman were also there. Jay Z, who at one point during the game walked over to greet New York music mogul Chris Gotti, and Beyonce ruled the spotlight that night. They looked like the king and queen of L.A., like they were home.

Maybe they were! TMZ is reporting that Jay Z and Beyonce are moving to L.A. According to the report, the ultimate power couple have enrolled 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy into an A-list private school and are living in a Beverly Hills hotel while looking for a Westside mansion.

This is great news for L.A. restaurants and nightclubs, including some that Jay and Bey have already visited. As much as any celebrities in New York, the couple is known for being out a lot, enjoying good food and wine, staying out late (they might struggle with this part in L.A. a bit), and tipping well.

Here are five places you shouldn’t be surprised to see Jay Z and Beyonce eating or partying as they live out their L.A. State of Mind fantasies.



Jay Z and Beyonce are regulars at Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali, a place they’ve been to on many Sunday nights. They go for owner Mark Iacono’s deceptively simple, consistently good pies and have often shared romantic glances while sitting at a modest table in the small candlelit restaurant. It helps that they are one of the only entities that can cut the sometimes hours-long line to get inside. (On one Sunday, Iacono asked one of my dining companions to grab a friend and sit at a table being held for Jay and Bey, who were en route. The goal was to not have the people waiting outside during a cold winter night get enraged about an empty table, and that’s how my wife ended up literally keeping Beyonce’s seat warm.) The closest thing you can get to Lucali in L.A., in terms of food, the scenester surroundings and even the no-frills, industrial-leaning decor and the dim lighting, is Gjelina. Jay and Bey: Your pizza and your candles are waiting.

Chi Spacca
Jay Z knows Mario Batali well. They’re both co-owners of chef April Bloomfield’s The Spotted Pig in New York. There are rumors swirling that Bloomfield is looking to open something in L.A., but until then Jay and Bey can get their nose-to-tail meat fix at Batali’s Chi Spacca, where chef Chad Colby’s large-format steak satisfies the most baller appetites.

Of course, you can’t be Jay Z and Beyonce if you don’t also embrace a healthy lifestyle here and there. It’s no secret that they already dine at Crossroads, where chef Tal Ronnen makes plant-based cuisine that pairs well with the strong vegan cocktail and spirits list.

Sushi Tsujita
Jay Z and Beyonce appreciate an of-the-moment omakase experience–in New York, they visited the hotly tipped Neta at the peak of its powers–and L.A. Magazine critic Patric Kuh’s No. 6 Best New Restaurant of 2014 is the most of-the-moment of the many great L.A. Japanese restaurants that Jay and Bey will likely frequent. Bonus: Sushi Tsujita is just steps away from Mizu 212, a shabu-shabu place where David and Victoria Beckham have taken their family to swish premium meats and vegetables. That’s an easy place to dine like royalty while eating healthy in a low-key setting. We think you’re going to like Sawtelle, Jay and Bey.

This is a no-brainer. Jay Z has rapped about New York’s 1OAK and has been friends with co-owner Richie Akiva for years. The bottle-service spot is a phenomenon of sorts, a brand that has lasted well past the expiration date of model-centric nightclubs and seems to be losing no fizz. It’s still the first late-night choice for Jay and Leonardo DiCaprio and assorted athletes, the place they end up at before it’s last call and time to go to somebody’s house.