Everybody Freak Out—L.A. Is Getting Its First Cat Café

Quite paws-ibly the biggest news you’ll read all day (boom, cat pun)

Starbucks is great and all, but it’s always had one glaring flaw: an egregious lack of cats. Seriously, how many cats do you see at any given Starbucks location? One? Maybe two if you’re lucky? But there’s never a horde of readily adoptable felines to provide free and emotionally necessary physical companionship as you suck down a macchiato. And that’s a problem.

But just as CaliBurger is taking advantage of In-N-Out’s lack of booze, Crumbs & Whiskers—L.A.’s very first permanent cat café—is capitalizing on Starbucks’ lack of fluffy affection machines and we’re all benefitting from it. Sometimes it feels like the invisible gears of capitalism really do make things fall into place.

Crumbs & Whiskers first opened in Washington D.C. last year serving a simple list of drip coffee, tea, and espresso drinks (don’t be fooled by their “Cat-uccino—it’s just a cappuccino with an unfortunate cat pun for a name) alongside a bunch of multicolored macarons. You can either pay $15 for a 75 minute reservation, or you can buy a full day pass for $35 and take all the time you need getting messed up off the cuddle hormone.

The L.A. branch is set to open sometime this fall at 7924 Melrose in West Hollywood, but you’re encouraged to sign up for the waiting list ASAP. Until then, you can just hang out at Silver Lake’s dog café.