L.A. Dominates Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants in America List

Trois Mec, Orsa & Winston, Night + Market Song, Q, and Grand Central Market make the list

In the words of Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king.”

That’s how Angeleno boosters should feel after taking a peek at the top 50 nominees for Bon Appétit‘s 2014’s Best New Restaurant. With five listings, L.A. has more nominations than any other city on the list, including New York (which netted four).

The five Los Angeles contenders are Trois MecOrsa & WinstonQNight + Market Song (all of which were highly ranked on our 75 Best Restaurants list) and Grand Central Market (which is a bit of a stretch, since it’s over 100 years old, but it does have new outlets including Eggslut, Belcampo Meat Co., and Wexler’s Deli).

Bon Appétit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton, who compiles the list, awarded Alma the best new restaurant title last year, helping turn the Downtown restaurant into a veritable international destination.

As for 2014? The winner of Best New Restaurant in America will be annouced next week, on August 19.

UPDATE: Why Bon Appétit Got it Right: Grand Central Market Named Top 10 Best New Restaurant