Kuh & A: Happy Birthday, Julia

Patric Kuh remembers Julia Child—though she might not have remembered him!

In honor of Julia Child’s birthday, today, we asked restaurant critic Patric Kuh if he had any memories of Ms. Child.

“Back when I worked in the kitchen with Michel Richard at the original Citrus, I helped cook lunch for her once. This was sometime in the early ’90s. I was part of a kitchen brigade headed by Alain Giraud (who now owns Maison Giraud). He had cooked for her several times, including at the Merci Julia event which I think was in 1993. I can’t remember what we cooked, but I remember that afterwards, she came into the kitchen and every cook clapped. A nice scene.

“A year or so later I was in Cambridge and my wife and I decided to walk past her house. She was gardening, head down in a shrub. I called out, ‘Mrs. Child,’ and she looked up, came towards us and said, ‘How nice to see you,’ as if we were close friends. She was very gracious, but I know she had no idea who I was.”