Knuckle & Claw Now Serving Mom-Inspired, Mom-Approved Lobster Pot Pie

The newest addition to their menu is as simple as their tasty minimalist sandwiches

When Knuckle & Claw opened in Silver Lake earlier this year, they brought a new, simpler brand of lobster roll to the neighborhood and the rest of L.A. To create their minimalist sandwiches, owners Chloe Dahl and Nikki Booth embarked on a lobster tour of America’s northeast to find the crustacean of their dreams, and then they let the meat speak for itself, minimizing the mayo and butter to lobster ratio.  The result was a well-deserved buzz and dedicated following for the casual restaurant. 

Now that summer has (mostly) ended, they’ve added a new specialty to the menu: lobster pot pie. “We decided to add the lobster pot pies because it is hot, flaky, and delicious. Now that the local temperatures are reaching the low 70s, Angelenos will be looking for something hot on these ‘cool’ winter nights,” Dahl and Booth told us via email.

The inspiration for the dish came from Dahl’s mom, which was the first version Booth had ever tried. She was sold. While working on the recipe, the women even brought her in to make sure, as Dahl says, “it was mother approved.”

As they did with their rolls, Dahl and Booth decided to keep the pie simple, adding only cream, brandy, onions, garlic, and peas. They start by sweating the onions and reducing the brandy by half. “After that we add cream, love, and lobster,” they tell us. The crust is a nicely browned puff pastry.

Along with the pies, Knuckle & Claw is now serving oysters, too. Currently, the varieties include Kumamotos from Puget Sound, Washington and Kusshis from Baynes Sound, British Columbia. Plus, they got their beer and wine license back in August, so Mexican Coke is no longer their best pairing option.

Knuckle & Claw, 3112 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, 323-407-6142