Kale Me Now: Of Course Green Soft-Serve Is a Thing in L.A.

Forget a healthy alternative to ice cream—here’s a healthy alternative to frozen yogurt

It’s the collision of two seemingly unstoppable Southern California trends: cold-pressed juicing and our beloved habit of running amok with low-cal alternatives to ice cream. That’s right, rub your eyes because the dream of kale soft-serve is alive.

While you can’t turn a corner in L.A. without running into yet another cold-pressed juice shop for your green-juice fix, Pressed Juicery is serving up soft-serve/slushie-type versions of their popular juices in “Freeze” form at select Los Angeles and Orange County shops. CEO and co-founder Hayden Slater, whose powerhouse juicing company originated in Brentwood, introduced the Freeze line to offer a “healthy alternative to frozen treats available.” And while this might resemble frozen yogurt, it’s actually a vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dessert.

The Greens and Fruits Freeze flavors at Pressed Juicery can be topped with fresh fruit.
The Greens and Fruits Freeze flavors at Pressed Juicery can be topped with fresh fruit.

Photograph by Joy Hui Lin

The commitment of Pressed Juicery to all-natural ingredients makes each of the Freeze flavors distinctly appealing. Getting the Greens flavor (kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, coconut, and dates) is a no-brainer if you feel like you’ve been slacking in the veggie department, and you can mix two flavors per order. I particularly like the Fruits flavor, which has Fuji apples and strawberries and is sweetened by coconut and dates, but you might find yourself making return visits to try all the options.

The available toppings wouldn’t look out of place in a health-food store: chia seeds, fresh fruit, coconut shreds; be sure to try the chocolate drizzle made out of honey, cacao, and coconut oil.

Finally, a place to meet vegan friends for a gluttonous yet entirely guilt-free break.

redarrow Pressed Juicery, Freeze line available at Americana, Hollywood, Fashion Island, and Newport Beach Westcliff locations