Jet Tila Helps Build the World’s Largest Fruit Salad

A Guinness World Records representative certified the record.

This past Labor Day weekend, as part of an annual tradition at the University of Massachusetts, L.A.’s own chef Jet Tila (The Charleston) lead a group of 500 volunteers in creating a 15,291 pound fruit salad. The salad was honored on site by a representative from the Guinness World Record book as the largest fruit salad ever made.

The university likes to kick off each school year by creating a healthy treat, and this year it was fruit salad. The students and staff sliced and diced 150 different kinds of fruit and filled a 15-diameter swimming pool with the ripe cuts. Apples, melon, peaches, bananas, oranges, berries, quince, passionfruit, and rambutan all went into the massive bowl.

The idea behind the project was to promote sustainability (8,000 pounds of the fruit was sourced locally), healthy eating, and community building.

Chef Tila confirmed that every bit of fruit will be consumed “either by students on campus, at the University’s Welcome Back Barbecue, or by those in need.” A portion of the fruit salad will be donated to the Amherst Survival Center, which serves and distributes food to over 4,000 people annually.