Highland Park Sandwich Speakeasy Jeff’s Table Is Branching Out with a Big Ol’ Pig Roast

Jeff Strauss’s creative daytime sandwich spot will be working on its night moves on September 30 at Club Tee Gee

Jeff’s Table exploded onto the scene early in the pandemic, and just in the knick of time. People were thrilled to discover affordable, elevated versions of otherwise monotonous classic sandwiches inside Flask Fine Wine & Whisky in Highland Park. The yuzu turkey with citrus-chili aioli and the miso-crusted roast beef have wowed with their delicious simplicity, and people have gotten straight hooked on the dirty baby (a spicy, smoky tuna melt that goes fast).

But former TV writer Jeff Strauss’s creative takes on lunchtime faves won’t be relegated to the back of a liquor store for long. The deli is due to expand, but for now, Strauss is turning his attention to a one-off pig roast on the patio of Club Tee Gee in Atwater Village on September 30. The pig roast is another opportunity for Strauss and his crew—all ex-fine-dining talent now pouring their hearts into sandwiches—to show off their substantial abilities with another gorgeous sandwich, as well as some group dining options.

“We’re looking to add a nighttime project in the coming months,” Strauss says. “This is a chance to play with that. What does Jeff’s Table look like in a nighttime scenario?”

A pulled pork and cracklings sandwich will be the main dish of the evening. Strauss leans toward Carolina pork, and here he makes sure to inject plenty of vinegary bite; homemade Kewpie mayo and hoisin sauce, herb salad, pickled onions, and pork au jus finish things off. It’s all served with potato salad or slaw plus a pickle spear for $17. The plan is to sling these sandwiches all night until they run out.

A few small groups can also reserve bo ssam-style pork with garlic sauce, smoked and grilled maitake & shimeji mushrooms, soy-citrus butter, pork fat scallion rice, and assorted lettuce and herbs; serves two for $49.

Plus there will be a very limited end-to-end roast pig dinner for four to eight people, available for $35 a person, which includes pork belly matzo ball soup with black garlic, trotter and hock griddled cabbage with pork jus, and crispy pigs head and tail bo ssam-style.

“I grew up as one of those Jewish kids who didn’t know Chinese food wasn’t part of the tradition,” Strauss says. “So those flavors, those flavors from the Asian-Pacific, they’re in there. The spices. The heat.”

As far as the pig itself, Strauss will be roasting it whole in a la caja china, “the way they do birria, the way they do kalua pig. They bury the pig and put the heat on top. This does the same thing. It drives the radiant heat downward, and keeps the moisture in.”

Chances are you’re going to smell pork in Atwater Village on September 30. Follow the scent (and check out the full menu below).

A preorder link will be at Jeffstablela.com at 6 p.m. on September 17; menu updates will be on insta @jeffs___table.

Full Menu

Pulled Roast Pig & Cracklings Sammie

On our sammie roll, with hoisin, herb salad, cucumbers, pickled onions & “Kewpie” mayo, served with roast-garlic pork jus, scoop of potato salad or slaw & a pickle spear $17 (Add Chili Crisp $1)

Smoked/grilled Maitake & Shimeji Mushroom Sammie

Same prep, same sides… $15

Sandwiches will be walk-up order only (no presale)… available from 6:30until sold out. Desserts

Market Dessert $5 “Black & White” Cookies $3

PLATTERS (for 2) and DINNER (for 4-8) Pre-Order ONLY LIMITED

Bo-Ssam Platter (for 2) $49

Roast Pig & Cracklings w/Pork Jus & Garlic Sauce, Smoked/Grilled Maitake & Shimeji Mushrooms w/soy-citrus butter, Pork-Fat/Scallion Rice, Assorted Lettuces & Herbs

Kimchi, Pickles & Banchan, Hot Sauces, Chili Crisp & Hoisin

End to End Roast Pig Dinner for 4-8 (Very Limited – One group of 8 or one to two groups of 4, Preorder Only) 4  courses $35/person

Pork-Belly Matzo Ball Soup w/Black Garlic

Trotter & Hock on Griddled Cabbage with Pork Jus

Crispy Pigs Head & Tail Bo Ssam-style, Smoked/Grilled Maitake & Shimeji Mushrooms with Soy-Citrus Butter, Pork Fat/Scallion Rice, Assorted Lettuces & Herbs, Kimchi, Pickles & Banchan, House-Made Hot Sauces/Chili Crisp &  Hoisin

Market-Dessert & Black & White Cookies


Menu-Inspired Cocktails from Nico Ortega and the Team at Club Tee Gee

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