Jeff Goldblum, Eddie Izzard, and Other Celebs Expected at Blu Jam Café’s Grand Opening in Sherman Oaks

The Melrose Avenue brunch spot expands into the Valley.

Owners Kamil Majer and David Fris are set to open a second location of their popular all-day breakfast spot, Blu Jam Café, this Saturday, May 18. Well-known among those in the film industry, the cafe serves unique but familiar breafast dishes like crunchy French toast and spicy Tex Mex tofu hash.

Last Summer, Jeff Ross of Comedy Central’s The Burn with Jeff Ross, told our own Greg Boss that he frequents Blu Jam: “Best breakfast in L.A. I’m almost afraid to tell you about it because I don’t want it to get too crazy. “Kamil’s Breakfast” is like eggs and pasta mixed together with bacon and ham and garlic and eggs and scallions. You can see I’m on a real health kick. I eat breakfast at 2 p.m. and carb up for the afternoon”

If you live in the Valley, are a brunch person, and are interested in seeing what all the fuss over this brunch is about, Blu Jam’s newest location is having a grand opening on Saturday night. From 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. on May 18, mingle with celebrity fans like Jeff Goldblum and Eddie Izzard, taste samples of the cafe’s new menu, and try a drink or two. There will be a red carpet and everything.

On the other hand, if you can’t make it to the grand opening, Blu Jam has a special two-for-one breakfast deal available for fans who register on their website. Not too shabby. (We’ll take a brunch deal over a red carpet any day.)