It’s Taco Week!

Welcome to our our spit-roasted, deep-fried, tortilla-wrapped, salsa-topped, handheld celebration of L.A.’s dish numero uno

The taco is our spirit snack. It’s our cheesesteak, our deep-dish, our raison d’eating. Or, to quote Kogi king Roy Choi, the taco is the emblem of L.A.

No food bridges the gap between our Spanish heritage and urban soul better than the three-bite wonder that lives by few rules save the presence of a tortilla. And it’s evolving. Today, you’ll find handmade corn wrappers enfolding sustainably harvested sea urchin and farmers’ market citrus as well as smoky asada and achiote-rubbed pork.


So, over the next seven days we’re hosting a digital fiesta to celebrate the taco at its cultural apex. From tortilla guides to street stand etiquette to Bill Esparza’s 25 top tacos in town, we’ve got it all. Grab a spot on the curb, pass the hot sauce, and provecho!