It’s Italian Week!

Dive into the old-school delis, the pizzerias that turned tomato pie into a science, and the red sauce joints that look straight out of a Scorsese flick in our celebration of all things Italian

We hit trucks for tacos and strip malls for sushi, but when Angelenos really want to dine, we go Italian. Where once that meant chicken parm and white linens, we now find handmade pastas and regional specialities in raucous rooms with cocktails to match.

That said, Italian food still has deep roots sewn in L.A.—they’ve just grown, evolved, and taken shape into something completely wonderful and unique. Our pizzas went from bready novelties to complex week-long science projects. Our pastas are now transformed into unpronounceable shapes with wheat that was milled just down the street. The Negroni might as well be the new Cosmo.

So, over the next seven days, we’ll be hosting a digital festa celebrating all the food and drink that Europe’s boot bestowed upon our city. Twirl your fork around the cuisine we most love to mangia.