It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Someone Combined Cake With Pie

Because food mash-ups shouldn’t be limited to breakfast pastries.

Like the whoopie pie and the cheesecake brownie before it, Marie Callender’s Cake Pie solves two problems at once. Sometimes you want cake, sometimes you want pie—and now you can have both at once. Recently, someone did this with two famous breakfast pastries, and the results have been patent-pending and line-inducing.

The Celebration Cake Pie has been unveiled to honor Marie Callender’s 65th year of business. The SoCal-based chain will be selling the cake pie from now until the end of this month for just $6.50. It is being described as layers of white cake with vanilla cream and vanilla frosting in a flaky crust, finished with fresh whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles. Mmm, birthday cake…pie.