The Most Intolerable Grocery List Ever

Why spending $10 on peanut butter makes Joel Stein that much better than you

In our November issue our resident Intolerable Foodie, Joel Stein, espouses the virtues of having his organic, fair trade, single-origin, artisanal, small-batch groceries delivered to him. Here, Stein shares his actual, and impressively intolerable online grocery list from both Good Eggs (also profiled in our November Food Lovers Guide) and Amazon Fresh. Grass-fed garlic cheddar sausage? Half a pound of fresh jujubes? We can’t even…

Joel Stein’s Intolerable Good Eggs Shopping List

1. Organic Half & Half from Clover Organic Dairy1 pint$1.89
2. Organic Black Kale from South Central Farmers Cooperative1 bunch$2.99
3. Full Share Catch of the Week (Fresh) from Community Seafood1 fillet$24.99
4. Organic Spring Mix, Triple Washed from Kenter Canyon Farms1 package$3.99
5. Chorizo from Cook Pigs Ranch1 package$14.99
6. Grass-Fed Garlic Cheddar Sausage from Old Coast Barn1 lb$12.00
7. Peppermint Patty Ice Cream — NEW! from Mother Moo Creamery1 pint$9.99
8. Free-Range Eggs (Dozen) from Gama Farms1 dozen$6.99
9. Organic Fresh Jujubes from Cliff McFarlin Organics1/2 lb$2.24
10. Organic Nonfat Plain Yogurt from Straus Family Creamery1 quart$3.99
11. Organic Strawberries from Rancho Mi Familia1 pint$4.99
12. Organic Blackberries from Rancho Mi Familia1 half pint$4.99
13. Organic Broccoli from Rancho Mi Familia1 head$2.79
14. Water Bagels (Plain) from Brooklyn Bagel1 half dozen$4.99
15. Peanut Butter with Cayenne, Cinnamon & Agave (12oz) from Spread the Love1 jar$9.99
16. Organic Raw Milk Butter from Organic Pastures Dairy Company1 lb$11.99
17. Seasonal Radishes from Anna’s Farm1 bunch$2.99
18. Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes from Anna’s Farm1 lb$5.49
19. Candy Cane Beets from Anna’s Farm1 bunch$2.99
20. Not-So-Perfect Flame Grapes (save 40%) from Gama Farms1 lb$1.95
21. Cream Top Whole Milk from Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese1 half gallon$4.99
22. Organic Ojai Pixie Tangerines from Mud Creek Ranch1 lb$2.99
23. Organic Haas Avocados from Mud Creek Ranch1 lb$3.99
24. Red Potatoes from Gama Farms1 lb$1.99


Joel Stein’s Intolerable AMAZON FRESH Order

QtyUnit PriceExtended PriceItem
1$1.25$1.25Fage Total Natural Greek Yogurt, Blueberry, 2% 5.3 oz
1$9.99$9.99Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout Fillets, 12oz
1$15.00$15.00Bling Bling, Cheeseburger Dumpling, 10 count (Sold by Bling Bling Dumpling. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
2$8.67$17.34Marconda’s Meats, Flat Iron Steak Piedmontese, 10 oz (Sold by Marconda’s Meats and Puritan Poultry. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$2.00$2.00Organic Red Mango
1$7.99$7.99Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon, 12 Ounce
1$1.25$1.25Fage, Total Greek Yogurt with Strawberry, 2 %, 5.3 oz
1$0.89$0.89Lemon, Medium
1$5.95$5.95MCG, Hummus, Ready to Eat, 12 oz (Sold by Mediterranean City Grill, Inc.. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$2.78$2.78Mountain High, Low Fat Yoghurt, Plain, 32 oz
1$3.79$3.79Taylor Farms Organic Spring Mix, 5 oz Clamshell
1$6.99$6.99The Huntington Meats, Buon Gusto Dry Salame, 8 oz. (Sold by Huntington Meats. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$7.00$7.00Harvest Moon, Carrot Ginger Soup, 16 oz. (Sold by Harvest Moon, LLC. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$9.00$9.00Marconda’s Meats, Chicken Breast Boneless skinless All Natural 2 pieces, 20 oz (Sold by Marconda’s Meats and Puritan Poultry. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$2.59$2.59Yams (Yellow to Orange Flesh), 2 lb
1$1.33$1.33Progresso Cannellini Beans, 15 Oz
2$1.99$3.98Hass Avocado, Ripe, Extra Large
2$1.37$2.74Fage, Total Greek Yogurt with Honey, 2%, 5.3 oz
1$7.95$7.95Santa Monica Seafood, Smoked Sliced Salmon, 4 oz (Sold by Santa Monica Seafood. Ships from AmazonFresh.)
1$1.79$1.79Turnips, 1 lb
1$3.99$3.99Baby Red Potatoes, 24 oz
1$3.79$3.79Woodstock Farms Organic Mangoes, 10 oz (Frozen)
1$1.49$1.49Bananas, Yellow, 2 lb
1$3.49$3.49Butternut Squash, Large
1$1.29$1.29Cauliflower, Large Head