Incredible Edible Web: 7 vs. 7


7vs7: Introduction from Mike Merrill on Vimeo. 7vs7: Introduction from Mike Merrill on Vimeo.Here’s a hilarious, Kenny vs. Spenny-style video blog series from some friends of friends up in Portland. They each decided to pick seven foods and eat only those seven foods for seven days. Water, salt, and pepper were the only freebies. Even olive oil counted. A must watch. (Spoiler alert! It’s harder than they imagined.)

Click here for the whole series. Go from bottom to top.

My seven? Well, there’s been a lot of debate over whether cheese counts as one ingredient, but lets say it does:

1) Peanut butter
2) Potatoes
3) Banana
4) Red wine
5) Cheese
6) Eggs
7) Spinach

I can’t live without peanut butter for seven hours, let alone seven days….