Ice Cream! Coffee! Doughnuts! ICDC Opens Today

The long-anticipated sweet spot from Amy Knoll Fraser and Mariah Swan is finally here

If there are three things Angelenos can’t seem to get enough of these days, they’re ice cream, coffee, and doughnuts, and now they’re all conveniently—or perhaps dangerously, depending on how you look at it—in one place. ICDC (an acronym for the sweet things they’re selling), the dessert spot from Amy Knoll Fraser and pastry chef Mariah Swan, makes its years-long-anticipated debut today.

“I’m very excited about this,” Knoll Fraser says. “Its been a long time coming, and I’m especially excited that, with me and Mariah, it’s an all-girl show.”

Located directly next door to Beverly Boulevard’s BLD, Knoll Fraser’s restaurant with husband/business partner/chef Neal Fraser, the candy-striped space is a teeny affair outfitted with a kitchen, an ice cream case, and a barista-operated espresso machine. Swan, who’s been hosting her Doughnut Shoppe Night on Wednesdays at BLD—and had it at the Frasers’ first restaurant, Grace, before that—for years will be masterminding a daily menu of her signature pillowy treats, including flavors like the chocolate-drizzled Rocky Road with shaved almonds and house-made cinnamon marshmallows, a sugared doughnut filled with grapefruit and Campari custard, and the deceptively simple-looking caramel with salt and pepper. The doughnut holes also get an unexpected sprinkle of salt.

“I always add salt to everything, even desserts,” Swan says. “Not to make them salty but to bring out complexity, so it’s not just sweet.”

Swan is also serving her butterscotch doughnut, which she tells us has a special place in her heart because it was the first doughnut she ever made at Grace. Generously filled, it’s made with muscovado sugar, which gives it a deep, rich flavor.

Along with the doughnuts, fresh batches of ice cream, sorbet, and sherbet are made daily, and the flavors are intense. The TCHO chocolate sorbet, for instance, is a delicious paradox of airy texture offset by dark chocolate with serious bite. There’s also malted chocolate, strawberry-rhubarb sorbet, and a light citrus vanilla sherbet made from Pixie tangerines. While some flavors, like vanilla bean, will remain constant, others will change with the seasons and Swan’s prerogative.

As for the coffee, they’re using 100 percent Arabica bean Vittoria Coffee, which was founded by two Italian brothers in Australia. A full menu of standard espresso drinks, drip coffee, and TCHO hot chocolate, which we hope has at least half the intensity of that sorbet, is available.

If you want to try it all, go for the eponymous ICDC, a concoction that brings all of the concept’s components together (at last)—it’s a doughnut with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a shot of espresso poured over.

redarrow ICDC, 7450 1/2 Beverly Blvd., 323-930-9744