I Will Do Bad Things For These: Peanut Butter Pop Tarts

Bad, bad things…

There are chocolate people and peanut butter people. I am a peanut butter person. Among my saddest single moments was a morning when I woke up on my futon (sad, see?) with a crusty peanut butter spoon stuck to my cheek—the jar still open close by, the TV still blaring Cartoon Network from the Adult Swim programming I had been watching the night before. All told, I have zero regrets.

So, it is with profuse salivation that I share the news announced today by the Kellogg’s Company: After 27 years of absence, peanut butter Pop-Tarts have returned. Technically, the last time peanut butter found itself inside one of these toaster squares was in 1986, when it was forced to share real estate with jelly. Here, the peanut butter rightly takes center stage inside a pastry shell that comes sugar-dusted or chocolate covered. I’ll say that again: CHOCOLATE covered.

The best part: no spoon required.