Hulk Smash! Your Perfect Thanksgiving ‘Tater


For years, Thanksgiving potato mashers have had to make a choice: Do you opt for the hardy starchiness of a Russet, or the toasty butteriness of a Yukon Gold? No longer! Such quandaries have been brought to an end by the Sierra Gold, a delicious hybrid between the two popular varieties, which came onto the market less than ten years ago. The smallish round potatoes have the dark skin of a Russet with the creamy interior of a Yukon Gold, and somehow taste sweeter than both. The folks at Ruitz Farms who grow Sierra Gold’s outside the Arroyo Grande say you don’t need to use any butter with these beauties—but then “need” is a strong word. Ruitz sells them for $1.50 a pound at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market.