You Can Finally Get Howlin’ Rays Without the Line—Thanks to Post Malone

Get ready to order your own Ghost Malone sando

Getting your hands on the hot chicken from Howlin’ Rays can be a whole project. Even years after the small Chinatown restaurant opened, the wait to order can regularly take multiple hours. But thanks to Postmates you can finally skip the line and get your Howlin’ Rays fix by delivery–but only for a limited time.

Available to order will be an abbreviated menu, featuring the Howlin’ Classic Set (fried chicken breast in your selected heat level, with fries and slaw) and a collaboration sandwich developed with Post Malone, which takes the standard Howlin’ Rays sando, but adds ghost pepper jack cheese to create the Ghost Malone.

Rapper Post Malone is a famous lover of fine cuisine (remember that time he got 10,000 Popeyes biscuits for a party?) and generous tipper of waitstaff, which we respect. Fried chicken is a particular favorite, and he’s even personally stood in line for two hours for a taste of Howlin’ Rays.

“I tend to only collab with brands and companies that I actually enjoy, like Postmates and Howlin’ Ray’s,” Post Malone stated in an announcement of the promotion. “I’ve been eating Howlin’ Ray’s since I came to L.A. in 2015 and they’ve been supporting me as far back as I can remember.”

Delivery is hard for a spot as busy as Howlin’ Rays, so if you want to get chicken brought to your door, you’ll have to act quick. The promotion runs only December 12 to 14.

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