How You Can Redeem the Jack in the Box World’s Largest Coupon

There’s an easier way than bringing in the 80-foot-tall coupon

Who cares about Justin Bieber when Jack is in town? All those photographers jockeying for position on Sunset Boulevard yesterday, trying to get the best shot, weren’t chasing a misbehaving celebrity. They were there to take pictures of a buy-one-get-one-free burger coupon. Well played, Jack in the Box.

The fast food chain set a Guinness World Record for world’s largest coupon as it unveiled the 80-foot-tall, 25-foot-wide coupon at its Hollywood location, The coupon is for the new Buttery Jack, a quarter-pound burger topped with melted garlic herb butter that customers can order two ways: The Classic has creamy tomato sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and Provolone cheese, while the Bacon & Swiss has creamy bacon mayo, hickory-smoked bacon, and Swiss cheese.

Even if you weren’t at yesterday’s event–which featured Jack redeeming the coupon himself and then hosting a party with free Buttery Jacks, DJ-fueled dancing (doesn’t Jack look like he belongs at an EDM rave, BTW?) and lots of photo-taking–you can redeem the coupon at any Jack in the Box from now until April 1 just by showing a picture of it on your mobile device. It doesn’t have to be your own photo. You’re free to check #WorldLargestCoupon on Twitter and pick your favorite.