How to Become a Celebrity’s Chef

International superstar Psy has put out the call, and Korean food chain Bibigo is helping him answer it.

In Hollywood, the distinction between ‘celebrity chef,’ in the vein of Wolfgang Puck and a ‘celebrity’s chef’ is blurring. Personal chefs who work with high profile clients are often treated to the same perks as their employer. Private jets, yachts, suites and clubs are de rigueur. The pay is usually substantial and the lifestyle can be fast and full of fabulous fêtes and famous faces. 

But how does a chef get a job as a celebrity’s personal cook?

Here’s one way: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Korean singer/dancer Psy (ahm, Gangnam Style). Psy, as it happens, is in need of a chef, and his branding team have intelligently turned the search into a marketing exercise, complete with its own YouTube video, brand colaboration (with Bibigo, a Korean chain) and sex appeal. Mix up a dish, the video urges, and even if you “don’t have skills” you could win $40,000, a free flight and a ride in a limousine! 

All ridiculousness aside, why can’t, say, Ryan Gosling put out a private chef search to his adoring public? I see a “Hey girl, could you make me some pancakes?” meme in our future.