How Not to Be a Taco Tool

A primer on street-stand etiquette

hand Be Hands-on
Perfect your taco grip: Pinch the sides of the tortilla together, tilt your head, and bite. Forks are prohibido.





truckShow Restraint with the Freebies
Drowning your carnitas in hot sauce is an insult to the taquero. Use the condiment table to accent your taco, not smother it.




chefGo Con Todo
Not sure which salsa to spoon over that asada? Saying “con todo” leaves the taco dressing to the experts. Think of it as Mexican omakase.





pigDon’t Be a Seat Hog
If there are tables and chairs, they’re communal. Get to know your fellow taco lovers by offering up the spot next to you.





soliderSalute Your Taquero
There’s usually no tipping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show gratitude. Before wandering off in a taco stupor, raise your right hand and say, “¡Gracias!”




This article appears in Los Angeles magazine’s June 2015 cover story, “Taco City.”