How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend


Nothing honors the memory of our fallen soldiers quite like an overcast luau, am I right? Thanks to the folks at Huntington Meats and my brave hosts Matt and Kelly, we spent our Sunday basting this 19-pound bundle of joy—a suckling pig we named “Tiny Bubbles”—in a combination of soy sauce, sherry, and honey, then stuffed him with pineapple, papaya, apple, garlic, sage, onion, and bread crumbs. Four hours later: dinner time.

The recipe came from a 1968 Trader Vic’s Pacific Islander Cookbook that Matt scored off eBay and it worked like a charm. We altered the cooking time a bit, though. It called for seven hours at 325 degrees, and none of us wanted to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to start handling a baby pig. Ours was juuust right—juicy and tender—after four hours at 375.

The highlights, though, might have been the spicy cucumber and papaya salad (thank YOU and the sesame poke with ruby-red hunks of ahi tuna thanks to our friends at Fish King.

To wash it down? Rum—and lots of it—mixed into a slew of tiki drinks straight out of Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log. The use of fresh squeezed juices over bottled ones toned down the sugar coma that can come with tropical binge drinking. The hangover, however, was classic tiki.

All in all, I’m pretty sure the Union Soldiers would be proud.

A few more pics: