Hot Sauce Part Deux

What does it say about me that all my friends make hot sauce? A few months back I wrote about some pals who started selling small batches of their Lila’s Lemoyne hot sauce from their Echo Park pad. Now, another local friend and his Denver-based brother are offering a spicy condiment—once only available to personal acquaintances—to the public via the delicious digi-web. Yes, ok, this is a product made by a friend—or more accurately, a friend’s relative—but this stuff is crazy good. Trust me, I’m doing you a bigger favor than I’m doing him.  

My first experience with SaSo begins at a Lost viewing party (yes, I was one of those and yes, I still miss it) in Atwater Village where my comedian/actor/producer buddy Kevin brought a chile con queso dip spiked with his brother Matt’s “special sauce.” (Side note: I married into a large Texas-born friend group for whom “queso,” as it’s called, is a nonnegotiable party appetizer. It’s like the Lone Star version of Chex Mix or Trader Joe’s frozen spanikopita.) A few years later, this mystery ingredient evolved into SaSo’s Chile Pequin finishing sauce, complete with fancy label, slogan (wait for it… “Nothing’s so-so with SaSo!”) T-shirts, blog, and a website.

The chunky, fiery seed-laced topping bears little resemblance your traditional thin, watery heat splashes. The mix of chile pequins imported from Nuevo León, Mexico, Spanish olive oil, red onion, and other “signature flavors” makes for a smoky concoction that adds as much flavor as it does lubrication. I’ve spent the last year or so whipping through bottles, trying out the original blend in everything from eggs (recommended!) to bloody marys (highly recommended!) to macaroni and cheese (eat this now!). I can’t vouch for the Red Pepper Chipotle, Tomatillo Serrano, or Garlic Cilantro sauces, but my flaming gut tells me they’re worth a shot, too.  

Kevin tells me they’re working on larger scale distribution, but for now you can pick up a bottle on their site. Yee-haw.