Hot Knife Evan George Dares You To Eat In


GOOD magazine has enlisted the help of Hot Knife (as in, one-half of the L.A. vegetarian cooking duo Hot Knives) to spearhead a challenge. A food challenge. Now, being GOOD, this challenge has less to do with, say, eating at every Boyle Heights birreria slinger in one day, and more to do with helping your planet, your fellow humans, and yourself.

For the entire month of June, L.A.-based GOOD is double-dog-daring you to make all of your own meals. That’s 30 days in which breakfast, lunch, and dinner should come out of your own kitchen. “But where will I get my ramen fix?!” you ask? Learn how to boil pork bones yo’ damn self. “But what of fish tacos?!” Ricky will live without you for a month.

Here’s why, in George’s words:

“Cooking is crafty, self-empowering, and the closest existing thing to old-world magic. By trading money for raw roots, a thatch of herbs, and a slab of protein, you can transform it into something not only edible, but delicious—that’s powerful alchemy. Plus, making your own food almost guarantees you’ll eat better and feel healthier. It will also give you a chance to engage with the people around you, from the farmer who sells you produce to a loved one you feed to the relatives whose recipes you keep tacked to the fridge.”

All true. And while we’d be risking our jobs if we took up the challenge ourselves (that new charcuterie-pasta-gastro-food truck ain’t gonna review itself), we encourage you all to try. Every day, George will post a new recipe, a kitchen tip, or a task to inspire you, and you can follow along with #30daysofgood.

Read the full challenge here. Happy cooking.