Hot Hot Sauce



 Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hot-sauce freak! I’m the girl that asks a restaurant to bring out whatever it is they use in the kitchen for family meal—or maybe they can just purée some habaneros for me. I have a rib recipe that relies heavily on All Spice Café’s  Chipotle Garlic sauce (which won our 2008 Best of L.A.  award). But for years my go-to, every-day sauce has been one that’s whipped up in small batches by a few pals of mine in their Echo Park kitchen. It’s a sweet, mango based sauce with a serious habanero kick that kills on a fish taco, amps-up barbecued chicken, sizzles on a breakfast burrito, and is thick enough to use on a chip. (I have experimented with all of the above, and more.)

The tangy, slow-burn sauce is so good that a group of us have come to refer to recipe-creators Christian, Tom, Jamie, and Mike as the “Hot Sauce Boys.” (I’m actually not sure they knew that—well, now they do.) The only problem? The guys usually only whip up a few dozen bottles a year and I easily go through one bottle in two months.

Well, I’m tickled to report that they’ve taken the operation mainstream for the holidays, offering their Lila’s Lemoyne St. Hot Sauce (named after their dog and the Echo Park street where the recipe was invented) for sale online.

It’s still a very limited bottling, so if a sweet and sizzling Christmas is up your alley, you best act quickly. One 5-ounce bottle is $7.95, or you can buy 12 bottles for $60.  It’s ideal stocking-stuffer size, though be warned: the spice level is definitely NC-17.

Have A Spicy Holiday!

You can buy Lila’s Lemoyne St. Hot Sauce here