Homegirl Cafe Is Now Running the Commissary at Culver Studios


Homegirl Cafe, the offshoot of the gang-rehabbing, treat-making Homeboy Industries, is now ensconced in the historic Culver Studios.

The eatery recently took over Culver’s commissary and is now serving studio execs and their minions breakfast (quinoa pancakes, chilaquiles, etc.), lunch (red mole chicken, whitefish, etc.), and, thankfully, Homeboy’s much-loved baked goods, which are prepared fresh from their Downtown dough factory.

Homegirl already operates a cafe near those Chinatown-adjacent DTLA digs. But the Culver Studios outpost is a nice growth spurt for Homeboy Industries (which was hit with some bad news, recently). The organization, begun by Father Greg
Boyle, operates Homeboy Foods, Homegirl Cafe & Catering, and Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery. The industries take in former incarcerated and gang-affiliated people and often provides them with their first real job. The organization also offers therapy, GED classes, and free tattoo removal.

“We are excited to open Homegirl Cafe at The Culver Studios—a location in which some of the greatest stories of courage, resilience and transformation have been filmed,” Father Boyle said in a statement. “This expansion will increase our ability to empower L.A.’s most marginalized men and women to overcome their pasts, re-imagine their futures and become contributing members of society.”