Holy Nicoley! Gourmet Imports One-Day Public Sale


I’ve been fortunate enough to exploit my friendship with Hot Knife Alex Brown—General Manager of Gourmet Imports, the wholesale importing and distribution company affiliated with Nicole’s Gourmet Foods in Pasadena—on a few occasions. Namely, I’ve been invited over for a number of informal “cheese school” sessions at his house. Thanks Alex!

But aside from that, all those hard-to-find ingredients like obscure salumi, must-have vinegars, mustards, salts, spices, etc. have been off-limits to all but L.A.’s top chefs and restaurateurs (namely, folks affiliated with spots like Melisse, Providence, Craft, and Campanile). Well hold onto your “Shut Up, I’m Cooking” apron strings everybody. (What? You don’t have that?) On Saturday, August 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Gourmet Imports will be opening its doors—and its wholesale prices—to the public.

Items available for sale will include:

– Imported & Domestic Artisan Cheeses
– Charcuterie: Salumi, Pâtés & Foie Gras
– Specialty Olive Oils, Vinegars & Mustards
– Grains, Pasta, Beans & Rice: Farro, Couscous, Quinoa, Red Camargue Rice, Black Forbiden Rice, Carnaroli Rice, Dozens of varieties of Beans, etc.
– Large Selection of Spices & Specialty Salts
– Baking & Pastry products including: Bulk Chocolate, Tart Shells & Chocolate Cups, Frozen Fruit Purées, Vanilla Products, and Technical Items (glucose, gelatin).
– Beverages including: Lorina French Lemonades, Orangina.

Bonus: A barbecue outside. Alex guarantees we’ll all “geek out.” Needless to say, Screw Sunset Junction. I’ll see you there.

Gourmet Imports Warehouse
961 South Meridian Ave, Alhambra, CA 91803