Hollywood’s Cat & Fiddle Pub to Close in December

A rent increase seals the fate of Hollywood’s 32-year-old British pub

Yesterday came the rather shocking news that long-time Hollywood pub Cat & Fiddle will be closing in December after 32 years in business, as first reported by Eater L.A.

Apparently the move stems from the current landlord declining to offer Cat & Fiddle and opportunity to renew their 10-year lease, which is set to expire at the end of the year. Cat & Fiddle owner Ashlee Gardner, who runs the restaurant along with mother Paula Gardner, claims that the popular British pub with garden patio was priced out by a substantial increase in rent and that the property’s ownership group is looking to install a more profitable business in its stead.

Cat & Fiddle’s Facebook page posted this message for their fans:

“THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, AFTER 32 YEARS, THE CAT WILL BE CLOSING DECEMBER 15th, LOOKING FOR NEW LOCATION. The landlord is pushing us out for some chain with probably 0 personality. So sad to leave this special location we have loved and grown with all our neighbors, staff and friends. A special THANK YOU to our staff, who are on board and helping us with this transition – true family members we love dearly. We will get through this like we always do. HOLLYWOOD, we are worried for your fate, overdeveloped & overpriced. Out of town landlords who are worried about their pockets and not their souls. It’s a sad place to be. Come and visit and let’s send off this ship in style.”

Though Cat & Fiddle alleges that the next tenant will be a corporate chain, it remains to be seen what will be built in the vacated space. As for the future of Cat & Fiddle, the Gardner family plans to seek out a new location (the restaurant move to Hollywood from the Valley in the mid-80s) though specifics are not yet known.